Automated San Air Dispenser Pack


  • Dispenser
  • ‘D’ battery
  • Vented San-Air Tub
  • 2 screws and wall plugs

For use in Mustiness affected areas such as wardrobes, storage cupboards, shoe boxes, boats, and caravans, Hotel rooms and many more…

Refill with Vented San-Air Tub

Affix to wall using the 2 screws and wall plugs supplied.


  1. Open SAN-AIR™ Disperser by depressing button at top and pulling on front panel.
  2. Place a D size battery in cell box and remove foam spaces under fan.
  3. Adjust operation time to your requirements.
Left Hand switch Right hand switch
Top- works non stop 24 hours continuous work switch
2:1 means 2 minutes on, 1 minute off “Day” setting – if you want disperser to work during daylight hours only
1:1 means 1 minute on, 1 minute off “Night” switch – if you want disperser to work during night hours only
1:2 means 1 minute on, 2 minutes off
  1. Open SAN-AIR™ Jar, replace lid, adjust to desired lid aperture and place jar in side dispenser, underneath fan. See Guide below.
  2. Close front cover of SAN-AIR™ Disperser
  3. Turn side switch to on (found on RHS of Disperser)

Guide to usage rate, guides only – always adjust to your liking.

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