Answers to Questions

If you have any questions about San-Air™ then you may find your answers below. If you will need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is San-Air™?

San-Air™ is a unique product suite of certified Organic Air Sanitisers with microbial & odour eliminating properties.

How does it work?

San-Air™ slowly evaporates into the environment to starve Moulds & Fungus of oxygen causing them to die & eliminates Bacterial reproduction.

Is it Safe?

San-Air™ is a 100% Australian made from a unique blend of Certified Organic Essential Oils within a biodegradable gel so it is friendly to the environment and safe for your family and pets.

Where would I use it?

San-Air™ is used anywhere you live, work or play to reduce your risk of ill health by eliminating moulds and bacteria.

Whether nursing a family member, trapped in an office of sick co-workers or can smell a musty odour in the air conditioner, these are all risk factors for your health and wellbeing.

San-Air™ is designed to either carry with you or elegantly packaged to sit on a bench & lasts approximately 8 weeks. The clip on blister pack is ideal for decontamination of personal space on public transport or attaches to home & car air conditioning vents.

Where do I get it?

You can purchase SAN-AIR from the distributor - Dunbar Services

Healthy air. Naturally


How easy is it to install

This is as simple as opening the packet and placing in the desired location. For Larger air conditioning units please refer to the brochure section under Air Handling Units

How does fungus, mould and bacteria get into an indoor air space?

Fungus, mould and bacteria are common throughout all environments on earth.

They share and thrive in the same environment we live, competing for the same living space and air.

An Indoor Air space  can be affected by several factors, from excessive number of occupants to inadequate ventilation. Any factor can initiate build up of mould and bacteria. When mould and bacteria get to a certain level then people start becoming ill.

What is Indoor Air Quality

An indoor environment will suffer mould and bacterial load from many sources.
Occupation by people, furnishings such as carpets, moisture that comes in and accumulates, an air control system which happens to become a collection ground for environmental dust. All of the above lead to an increase of microbe contamination which is very often higher than the outside environment.

A little info about the very important ones…
Fungi are organisms present in soil, dust, and decaying organic matter.

  • They produce spores that are capable of becoming airborne.
  • Fungi are also associated with unpleasant odors, discoloring and degradation of building materials.
  • The fungi of interest in indoor air quality are commonly known as moulds.
  • Moulds are able to grow on virtually any substrate, including
    –paint –glass
    –electrical equipment –textiles
  • Inhalation of fungal spores can cause clinical symptoms via several mechanisms.
    These include allergenic activity, toxicity and active infection